Agemono is a small family business striving it’s goal to expand and be known in the local market in serving good food that guests loves.
This company is owned and run by a couple who are both experienced in hospitality business, Chef Roberto F Gonzales is currently working as an Specialty Outlet Chef - Japanese Cuisine, in an internationally known chain of Japanese Restaurant based in Dubai for the last 14 years. Chef Roberto’s role includes opening various sister-company “Japanese Restaurant” within UAE and abroad. While his wife Maria Rosario A. Mercado-Gonzales left her current role in the Corporate Office of a worldwide hotel chain to focus on managing the business. Rio has a wide experience in Food & Beverage Administration and worked as PA to the Food & Beverage Director for 5 years. The couple is very committed in bring out good food that guests will love and very meticulous in training their Chefs according to HACCP standard, to ensure that the same 5 Star quality food comes out from Agemono’s Kitchen.
Being in the Food & Beverage Industry we know who to contact and how to run the business, most of our suppliers are supplying 5 Star Hotels in Dubai, to make sure that our food has the same 5 Star quality, with the helped of our well trained Chefs. We are committed to give our guests good quality and tasty food, with reasonable prices.
Agemono started in October 01, 2005 situated in Al Attar Shopping Mall in Karama, Dubai, with a seating capacity of only 18 covers maximum, Agemono started to be a Japanese Restaurant alone.

In July 11, 2006 the second Agemono Restaurant opened up in a Food Court in Al Quoz, Dubai being in the food court we were asked to serve another cuisine other than Japanese, being a Filipino origin Chef Roberto was able to bring out his traditional and unique Filipino menus that was liked and patronize by our customers.

This is why we decided to add Filipino Food in our first Restaurant in Karama, the concept of Japanese & Filipino food click to the taste of our customers, the 18 covers restaurant was unable to fit the volume of customers that would like to dine at Agemono and in March 12, 2007 Agemono Restaurant Karama expanded from 18 to 60 covers capacity restaurant and was able to start Dinner Buffet from Sunday to Thursday serving unlimited Sushi, Tempura, Japanese & Filipino Hot Dishes.

The success of Agemono Restaurant continues, last April 28, 2009 the Third Agemono Restaurant opened in International City with more than 100 persons capacity which is able to cater for big occasions like Trainings, Birthdays, Christenings, Wedding Reception, etc..

On November 01, 2009, Agemono Restaurant in Al Quoz has been re-launch with a much better ambience at the new Al Khail Shopping Mall, very close to the heart of Al Quoz and walking distance to most of our valued customer’s accommodation. Agemono Restaurant Al Quoz has its own private dining and able to cater for special occasions, also serving Dinner Buffet.
Now Agemono is known for “quality food that you can afford”.

Hopefully in a couple of months another Agemono will come-up one after the other, achieving its goal to expand and cater various market with good quality food that guests will love served by our friendly and very hospitable staff.